Your mental health matters.


About Lisa

It takes courage to look at what stands in the way of being our best self, and decide to find a path to feeling and doing better. I believe that we thrive best in the context of our relationships. Therefore, choosing the right therapist is essential.

I believe that therapy should be a safe space to grow into the person you hope to be, and I aim to support you in your journey.

I look forward to meeting you.


As a psychotherapist, I have training and experience working with a range of presenting concerns which include: anxiety, depression, life transitions, sexual orientation, gender identity, non-monogamy, grief and loss, navigating conflict and a range of other issues that can impact both individuals and couples.

Sex Therapy

As a sex therapist, I aim to provide specialized care in the areas of sex therapy and couples therapy. Sex therapy focuses on creating or restoring more satisfying, safe, and positive sexual experiences for clients.

Looking forward to hearing from you.